How to keep pipes from freezing without providing heat?

How to keep pipes from freezing without providing heat?

Keeping your pipes from freezing becomes an urgent need in freezing weather conditions. Here are some tips to help you solve the problem of freezing pipes without providing heat. Do note that you will be needing certain plumbing tools to apply some of the tips written here.

Tips on How to keep pipes from freezing without providing heat

  1. The first thing you need to do is shut down all the valves to ensure the water doesn’t flow. Followed by this, you should open all the drain valves and faucets, so the water gets emptied in the pipes.
  2. Next, your job is to flush the toilets and put denatured alcohol in them, including sinks to keep the water in the taps from freezing. Make use of nontoxic antifreeze so that you do not end up contaminating your drinking water. 
  3. Is your garage equipped with water supply lines? If so, then it’s recommended to keep your garage doors shut, so the garage becomes warmer instead of colder, which helps keep your pipes from freezing.
  4. Open the cabinet doors of the kitchen and the bathroom so that warmer air gets circulated in the plumbing set. With that in mind, you must also keep all the house cleaners and other chemicals you store in the cabinet out of children’s reach.
  5. In freezing weather conditions, you must allow some water to keep dripping from the faucet served by exposed pipes. If small amounts of water keep flowing in the pipes, it will prevent the pipes from freezing. 
  6. Another trick to keep your pipes safe from freezing is to keep the thermostat set on a constant temperature during the night and day. I know we said without providing heat but this is really the most effective way of keeping pipes from freezing. Doing this might make your pockets smaller since the temperature will be higher at night, but it would cost less than what you otherwise would have to spend on the pipe repair if they freeze and burst. 
  7. Even while you would not be staying at home in this cold weather, let your room be warm, with the temperature not being below 55° F.
  8. You must turn off the furnace’s emergency switch and drain it by opening the valve present at the bottom. In addition to this, you must also turn on all the radiator vents present. Make sure that the boiler gets refilled with water again before you go ahead and restart it. 
  9. Lastly, the tank of the electric water heater would surely keep the water warm for a few days after the outage, but it might freeze after some days if it is consistently too cold. You must make sure that you are draining the electric water heater after every three days of below freezing temperature.
  10. Change your plumbing to pex plumbing pipes. Pex has high flexibility and really small damage radius under expansion so damages caused by the ice formation are relatively small. if the weather gets cold enough that pipes start to freeze, pex pipes will still get frozen just like any other plumbing material, but its less likely to bust as a result of them getting frozen.
Tips on How to keep pipes from freezing without providing heat
Tips on How to keep pipes from freezing without providing heat

Conclusion on keeping your pipes from freezing without providing heat

You won’t have to worry yourself with the pipes freezing if you follow all these tips well. Taking care of certain tiny things can help you keep your pipes from freezing and functioning well. It would make little effort in the beginning but would surely save your house and the struggle to fix everything if the pipes if they get frozen and end up bursting. 

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