7 Signs on How to Tell If You Have a Water Leak Underground

How to Tell If You Have a Water Leak Underground

One of the worst things that can happen is to have an underground water leak that leaves you with a messy house afterward.

The issue is that it’s a difficult problem to fix and the best way forward is usually to hire an experienced plumber to help you.

That’s why it’s highly recommended to have your local plumber’s contact information at hand so that you can contact them at any time when something happens.

Make sure that your plumber is available during emergency hours because leaks and other plumbing emergencies often happen at unexpected times, and they must be attended to immediately to avoid further damage in the form of mold, rot, rust, or worse, flooding.

Top 7 Signs of having an Underground Water Leak

7 Signs of having an Underground Water Leak
7 Signs of having an Underground Water Leak

One of the key signs of a leak is noticing a pool of water in the yard. But, there are other signs that could be trying to alert you to an underground water leak, such as:

  1. Lower Water Pressure

If there’s less water than usual coming out of the tap and your municipality hasn’t said anything about it, then you might have a leak due to ruptured, eroded, or clogged pipes.

This problem can also happen when there’s new construction in the neighborhood. In this case, the first person you should notify is the builder or superintendent in charge.

To make sure that you’re dealing with low water pressure and not another issue, switch the shower water on and flush the toilet at the same time.

If the shower stops running because you’ve flushed the toilet, then you’re dealing with a low water pressure problem.

  1. Increased Water Bills

Your water bill should only ever change if there are changes in your lifestyle or the number of people in your household.

If you notice an uptick in your water bill while checking your record from the past few months then you’ll know that there’s a problem with the plumbing that needs to get checked by a professional.

  1. Cracked Foundation

Another sign of a leaking pipe is seeing wet spots or a cracked foundation. This usually points to a broken or cracked pipe.

It’s important to spot and remedy this problem early on to avoid further damage to your home’s structure and foundation. You wouldn’t want your house to become unsafe, would you?

  1. Sinkholes in the Yard

Do you notice sinkholes or potholes around your yard?

You’re looking at a possible cracked pipe problem and this is one of those problems that should be fixed right away to prevent further damage.

  1. Bad Smell

Dirty water should ideally go straight to the sewer. If there’s a cracked or blocked pipe, the water will get re-routed, causing a terrible smell throughout the house.

It’s crucial to call a professional plumber to check the problem out if this happens.

  1. Dirt and Air in the Water

It’s not common for air or dirt to get into the water and it might be a sign that there’s a bigger problem within the pipes.

  1. Water in the Front of Your House

It’s not uncommon to see water in the street in front of a certain home due to a burst pipe.

DIY Check to Tell If You Have a Water Leak Underground

DIY Check to Tell If You Have a Water Leak Underground
DIY Check to Tell If You Have a Water Leak Underground

Here are a few steps that you as the homeowner can take to check your home for leaks:

  1. Look for the water meter which is usually located on the ground outside of the house. Typically covered by a heavy lid near the driveway.
  2. Switch off the water supply using the shut-off valve, which should be on the corner of your house or even in the basement.
  3. Switch off all of the water faucets in your house.
  4. Use a marker to make a sign on the rim of the water meter gauge.
  5. Leave the valve shut for 30 minutes or so. If after you check it in 30 minutes, you notice that the needle has moved then you might have a leak somewhere in the house, which needs to get checked by a professional pronto.


Water leaks can cause untold damage to the structure of your house, not to mention an increase in your water bill.

The best way to deal with a leak is always to call a professional certified plumber to come and deal with the problem.

They are more equipped to identify the source of the problem and quickly fix to prevent further damage, using the latest plumbing equipment.