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The "No-Regrets" SOS Plumbing Services from Certified Plumbers

Ever picked the wrong plumbing company and regretted your choice? Play it safe. Choose professional plumbing services offered by Certified Plumbers, which specialize in SOS Plumbing emergencies.

Benefits of Certified Plumbers SOS Plumbing Services

SOS Plumbing Premium Services

Affordable pricing. Not charging premium pricing but still providing premium service

A certified plumber has the skills and licenses to solve sos plumbing problems with their expertise. And the best part is that you won't get overcharged for the professional plumbing services.

Professional sos plumbers in every way icon

Professional in every way. Groomed, pleasant, on time, show up when they say they will

If we say 3 pm that a certified plumber will be there, we mean it. Our licensed plumbers undergo specialized training and vetting process to ensure you precisely that kind of service.

SOS Plumbers Keeping Their Word

SOS Plumbing Professionals keep their word with estimates and any promise made to you

Certified plumbing professionals will stay true to what you will discuss, including the estimate made when analyzing the plumbing problem, even if there will be a few other quick additional jobs assessed and done.

highly trained knowledgeable personnel icon

We have highly trained, knowledgeable personnel

Plumbers vetted by Certified Plumbing are licensed and highly trained for any SOS Plumbing job that you need taken care of.

SOS Plumber Explains the Options Icon

Clearly explained options so YOU can best decide on what to do

We offer you at least two options to decide and won't just charge you with the "most expensive plan" without a proper explanation.

Professional Certified Plumbing Professionals Icon

We solve ALL your plumbing problems

Analyzing the property and finding out if any other sos plumbing problems arose is a thing all our certified plumbing professionals do. You can always call us later, but its best to get rid of all the plumbing problems asap. You don't need more damages done to your plumbing system.

When your plumbing works perfectly, it's a good day. And when it doesn't… well, that depends on what the sos plumbing problem is and how much it might cost to get it fixed. So here is the thing: you can wait until something DOES go wrong, or you can contact Certified Plumbing to schedule a whole-house plumbing inspection to check for problems in the making and take any necessary corrective action now.

Just like your car needs an oil change every 6,000 miles and you need a dental check-up every six months, your plumbing systems and fixtures should get inspected at least once a year.

Certified SOS Plumber

SOS Plumbing Services

Sos plumbing services that are commonly experienced by people all around the world, which a certified plumber can help you solve them once and for all. Are you experiencing any of the following plumbing problems?

Certified Plumber Repairing a Toilet

Restroom Urinal & Toilet Repair

Commercial Toilets and Urinals can take some real abuse due to the frequency of use. Toilets or Urinals that are not working properly can cost a business or homeowner quite a bit of money. Leaking water can make the water bill go up, and can also lead to wet floors. No business wants wastewater leaking on their floor. Let's face it, leaks in a commercial restroom are hazardous and costly and will need the attention of a professional plumber.

Faucet & Shower Head Repair Service

Faucet & Shower Head Repair

Over time a faucet or showerhead leak will cost you in water. The leak will very likely cause staining of your sink or tub from the minerals in the water. Before your little leak becomes a waterfall, you should call a certified plumber. Installing one of the many new options of showerheads and faucets could improve the value of your home. Rain head showerheads are popular, as are the spa water jet showerheads. Low Flow faucets and showerheads do not just add value to your home, and they eventually will save you money on your water bill and save precious water.

Frozen Pipe Prevention from SOS Plumbing

Frozen Pipe Prevention & Repair

If you turn on a faucet in your house and nothing comes out, or the water only drips out slowly, the pipe has likely frozen. When this occurs, the first thing you must do is determine whether or not the pipe has burst. If the pipe has in fact ruptured, turn off the water immediately and contact a professional plumber. If the pipe hasn't burst, you'll still need to act quickly in order to prevent it from happening. The first thing you'll need to do is locate which of your pipes is frozen. You can determine which pipe(s) is frozen by turning on all the faucets in your house. If all except one faucet is working, you have found your problem. Water damage from burst pipes is one of the most common homeowner's insurance claims. If you are one of the many people to have this happen to them, it's best to seek professional help to get the repairs done efficiently and effectively.

SOS Plumbing Water Heater Repair Service

Water Heater Repair

Water Heaters usually have a long life span. That said, they do break, and they do sometimes need to be replaced due to their age. If your water heater is not providing as much hot water as it used to, sediment may have built up in the bottom of the tank, or your thermostat may need replacing, or possibly the dip tube needs replaced. If your water heater is gas-based, then check your pilot light. If it is out, follow the instructions on the unit, and if the pilot light doesn't relight back on, Call A Plumber! There is likely a problem with your gas supply. Do you own an electric water heater? You should check your circuit breaker first. Has the breaker been tripped? Reset it and see if it works. If the circuit breaker has not tripped, try resetting the water heaters ECO switch. And if that doesn't work, then you know what time it is.

Clogged Sewer Line

Sewer & Drain Problems Repair

It is a fact of life that foreign objects make their way into our drains. Most often, grease build-up and food create a backup problem in the drain, but we have found bar towels, rags, toys, mop heads, and so many other crazy items plugging pipes. SOS plumbers have the experience to find the problem with your drain or sewer quickly with the tools and expertise to make the repairs, regardless of how complicated.

Plumber Fixing a Garbage Disposal

Garbage Disposal Repair & Installation

Garbage disposal breaks down food and forces it down the drain, keeping sinks free of unwanted food and debris. With proper usage and care, a garbage disposal can last ten years or more. The disposal can become damaged from situations such as it becoming jammed by large food items trapped in the blades, a leak, or the drain becoming clogged. Certified SOS Plumbing can repair damaged disposals or replace them with a new one with ease.

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